Personal Trainer

Why use a Personal Trainer?

Training with me will enable you to take the most direct route to results. As a qualified fitness professional I specialise in many different areas such as weight management, injury rehabilitation, sports specifics, nutrition and flexibility.

I will ensure that you get the very best from each workout, making your time more efficient and enjoyable. No matter whether you are: a beginner; need motivation and encouragement; a regular exerciser; an advanced exerciser/athlete; or just keen to extend your body awareness and knowledge, Personal Training is the answer.

I can help by providing you with that extra attention, support, confidence, encouragement and guidance needed to achieve your personal goals …weight loss, body tone/definition, increased fitness or just feeling the benefits of a healthier life style.

As your personal trainer, I will guide you through your new lifestyle, setting up workouts for the week, planning your nutrition, fitness testing, monitoring your progress and providing feedback.

When should I choose personal training?

If you are new to exercise – You will benefit from my experience and gain the knowledge to feel confident and safe in a new environment. I will ensure you are exercising in a correct and safe way.

If you are returning to exercise – The safest and quickest route to matching and exceeding your previous fitness levels.

If you have seen a plateau in results or motivation – This can often happen when routines are not changed or progressed in an effective way.

If you are a sports enthusiast – Sports specific programmes will take your ability to a new high.

If you are recovering from an injury – Personal training will help speed up the recovery process, helping you get back physical fitness.

If you are simply looking for fun – Motivation, partner training, new ideas and fresh challenges can make all the difference in reaching your goals.