I have been having weekly training with Keith for the past 8 months and this has made a huge difference to my general level of fitness, also motivating me to be more disciplined about exercise/food/general lifestyle etc between sessions. The variety of work we do (treadmill, rowing, cycling, kettlebells, boxing and general exercises) makes it always interesting and competitive – this helps mitigate the pain.

Keith is a pleasure to work with and always seems to pitch the sessions at just the right (very tough) level. He also appears quite expert at working ‘around’ injuries so that, if I have picked up a knock playing sport during the week, we are still able to train to the same level – just through different exercises.

I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get to their best level of fitness whilst, in an odd sort of way, enjoying the process.

Mark Hilson Company Director

With the gym not working for me, I went online to see ‘what was out there’ as an alternative. A search for local trainers led me to Keith’s website (probably how you got to read this testimonial.)

If you are looking for a Personal Trainer who will work with you to help you achieve your goals, choose Keith. If you want to be shouted at or humiliated into working out, look elsewhere.

The diet guidance and support provided is excellent.

I won’t say Keith makes it easy, swinging a kettle bell or sprinting between 2 markers is never easy, especially when your brain thinks you are still 20 but your body tells you you are 40, but he does get me through it……somehow.

Final point. I still hate burpees.

Will Sales and Marketing Director

Keith always keeps things interesting. I love the boxing even though I never thought I would. I’ve reached my original target and now working towards the next one. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Linda Housewife

I have been attending Keith’s circuit classes for almost a year now, they have been great fun. Keith has managed to find the balance of pushing everyone to improve whilst keeping the levels of enjoyment high. He has a wide & varied knowledge of differing exercises to ensure that there is genuine variety in each class which has kept levels of interest high & encouraged everyone to keep attending. I would recommend them to anyone.

Paul Company Director

In the past I have struggled to motivate myself, but with a one to one fitness programme devised by Keith including cardiovascular, toning and strengthening exercises I have lost weight, toned up and my energy levels have increased dramatically. Keith has advised me on nutrition and training and with his support and encouragement I hope to continue to improve my health. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Keith is a great personal trainer, he is patient but firm and doesn’t make me feel inadequate when i struggle to do things. This is important to me as I am quite overweight and didn’t want a trainer who just made me feel worse about myself. His sessions leave me feeling positive and more confident and I have gone from dreading the idea to really looking forward to them. When I hit a low note, he took time to listen and talk to me about it and this really helped. I am sticking with this and although I know I have along way to go, I am confident that working with Keith puts me well on the way to winning my battle of the bulge!!! Highly recommend him to everyone!!!!!

Jennifer Company CEO

I needed to lose weight and tone myself up so looked on the Internet for a personal trainer and came across Keith. As a ‘beginner’ to physical training Keith has helped me to achieve a fitness level that I could not have even thought about 3 months ago. He is approachable, reliable, and easy going, with a training programme and food plan that has developed my strength and noticeably improved my fitness, and my waistline! I have lost weight, inches and feel much better in myself.

Lawrence Company owner